IUPAC 4-ethylnaphthalen-1-yl-(1-pentylindol-3-yl)methanone
CAS NO. 824959-81-1
Synonyms –
Formula C26H27NO
Purity ≥ 98 %
Appearance White Powder




JWH-210 is an analgesic chemical from the naphthoylindole family, which acts as a potent cannabinoid agonist at both the CB1 and CB2 receptors, with Ki values of 0.46nM at CB1 and 0.69nM at CB2. It is one of the most potent 4-substituted naphthoyl derivatives in the naphthoylindole series, having a higher binding affinity. Looking for where to Buy JWH-210 Online looks no further than us

JWH 210 is a strong cannabimimetic alkylindole that has been distinguished in concentrates from natural mixes. Basically and practically comparative alkylindolesare quickly processed by the liver and discharged in the pee, with hydroxylation of the alkyl side chain happening in the liver. JWH 210 N-(4-hydroxypentyl) metabolite is a normal metabolite of JWH 210, recognizable in the serum and pee. Its organic exercises still can’t seem to be resolved. When you Buy JWH-210 Online from us be rest assure of top quality.

JWH 210 is a potent cannabimimetic alkylindole, binding the central cannabinoid and peripheral cannabinoid receptors with K i values of 0.46 and 0.69 nM, respectively. 1 The effects of JWH 210 in whole cells or organisms have not been evaluated.

What JWH-210 utilized for?

JWH-210 is just accessible as an examination synthetic and isn’t expected for human utilization.

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