Hydrocodone 10/500mg


Generic Name: Hydrocodone Bitartrate & Acetaminophen

Strength: 10/500 mg
Manufacturer Name: Qualitest Pharmaceuticals
Color: Yellow
Shape: Oval
Compare To: Norco
Active Ingredient: HYDROCODONE
Application: TAB (TABLET)
Packaging: Bottle

Hydrocodone belongs to the group of medicines called narcotic analgesics (pain medicines). It acts on the central nervous system (CNS) to relieve pain, and stops or prevents cough.




As a sedative, hydrocodone decreases torment by binds to narcotic receptors in the brain and spinal line. It may be brought with or without sustenance as pined for. When you Buy Hydrocodone 10/500mg Online Without Prescription from us be rest assure of top quality Pills. Exactly when carried with alcohol, it can fortify tiredness.

It might interface with monoamine oxidase inhibitors, and also unique meds that reason laziness. It is in FDA pregnancy class B: its effect on a nascent life form or hatchling isn’t evidently known and pregnant women should direct their specialists previously taking it.

Hydrocodone to Relieve Devastating Pain

Hydrocodone serves an amazing agony reliever that has a place with a gathering of narcotic (narcotic) pain medications. Purchase hydrocodone 10/500mg online it sedate helps decline gentle and severe pain and keep its further event. Being accessible in two structures, the medication advances finish security from conceivable torment appearance.

While a quick discharge tranquilize is for use as-required, its all-encompassing discharge shape diminishes extreme agony all nonstop. Converse with your human services supplier before the drug use so as to forestall conceivable inconveniences. Purchase hydrocodone online from model synthetic compounds. Looking for where to Buy Hydrocodone 10/500mg Online Without Prescription , looks no further than us

Data to Know Before Use

Try not to begin Hydrocodone organization on the off chance that you are hypersensitive to its dynamic fixings, experience the ill effects of breathing issue or are determined to have disabled ileus. Furthermore, caution your doctor about other medical issues you need to ensure the treatment course will trigger no anomalies and drawbacks. Notice unsafe scatters and maladies you have, particularly

Breathing issues;

Liver or kidneydiseases;


Liquor or drugabuse;


Thyroid, pancreas or gallbladder issues and others.

Hydrocodone is a propensity shaping treatment, accordingly, it ought not be abused. Else, you can get unsafe symptoms, compulsion or deadly medical issues. Never pass the medication to other individuals with indistinguishable manifestations without specialist’s consent.

Some different medications may associate with Hydrocodone, prompting extreme medical problems, with the most perilous being serotonin disorder. That is the reason ensure your social insurance expert knows about the various medicine and non-physician endorsed prescriptions, natural items and other pharmaceutical enhancements you take, particularly medications for:



Mental scatters;

Nervousness, wretchedness or fits of anxiety;

Parkinson’s disease, and so forth.

Try not to begin Hydrocodone treatment when pregnant or breastfeeding. The cure is restricted for youngsters either. Pursue specialist’s remedy with no progressions to encounter the alluring alleviation and get no symptoms.

Appropriately Chosen Hydrocodone Dose – 100% Guarantee of Safe and Effective Treatment

While Hydrocodone portion and span of the treatment course are endorsed independently, the normal portion for critical relief from discomfort achieves 10 mg taken orally, every 12 hours. The portion can be changed by the body reaction to the drug. In any case, request that your specialist alter it and never increment or decline the portion. The maximal portion of ER Hydrocodone accessible is 80 mg, however it is recommended in uncommon cases. Purchase hydrocodone online from model synthetic compounds.

Hydrocodone Overuse and Misuse

Address the toxic substance focus or look for medicinal help if any side effects of hypersensitive response happen after the medication consumption. Call your specialist in the event that you have seen different genuine difficulties, including:

Breathing issue;

Erectile brokenness, diminished drive and other sexual issues;


Tipsiness, disarray, discombobulation, and so forth.

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