Acetyl Fentanyl Powder

Buy Acetyl Fentanyl Powder online cheap from our store for relieving feelings and sensations of pain in the body. Acetyl Fentanyl Powder which belongs to the class of opioid drugs is an analog of Fentanyl and it is one of the most potent drugs on the market for the management of chronic pain episodes. We have Acetyl Fentanyl Powder in the following forms:

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What is the Acetyl Fentanyl Powder drug?

Acetyl Fentanyl is a painkilling drug which was first discovered by the scientists in the year 1962 and it belongs to the class of opioid drugs. Acetyl is an analog of Fentanyl drug which also belongs to the class of opioid drugs but the effects of Acetyl Fentanyl are way more potent as compared with Fentanyl. If you are looking to buy Acetyl Fentanyl Powder online then you are in the right place

Also,It is known to have potency 15 times more than that of Morphine which makes it a highly sedative drug. Due to the potency of the drug, it is not normally used as a prescription drug and its production is mostly limited to a designer drug. However, the records of the use of the drug have been found in the year 2013. When you Buy Acetyl Fentanyl Powder online  from us be rest assure of top quality


Moreover, the drug is available in the market and at our online store in the form of a powder which can be administered through oral or insufflation means. The drug acts on the central nervous system of the body in order to produce its effects where it activates the opioid receptors known as u-receptors. The drug is available in the market under various trade names while the scientific name given to the drug is “N-(1-Phenethylpiperidin-4-yl)-N-phenylacetamide”. The molecular formula of Acetyl Fentaynl is C21H26N2O. The molar mass of the drug has been calculated to be equal to 322.44 g/mol.


However, It is known to have severe effects on the working of the central nervous system of the body and the effects are so potent that death can occur. Various accounts of deaths due to the use of the drug have been recorded in different jurisdictions of the drug, due to which it has been listed as an illegal or Schedule I substance.


Where can you buy Acetyl Fentanyl Powder?

The drug can be purchased from our online store where we have a good quantity of this drug available. We sell opioid drugs to drug stores, individuals and researchers all over the world. The services offered by us are unmatched by any of our competitors anywhere in the world. The shipping services offered by us are also among the best in the world.

Uses of Acetyl Fentanyl Powder

Acetyl Fentanyl is used for the management of severe and chronic pain related conditions which may be experienced by the people dealing with various illnesses. Acetyl Fentanyl provides quick and lasting relief from pain. It is also used by scientists as a designer drug.

How does the drug work?

The drug works by acting on the central nervous system of the body where it binds with mu-receptors to produce pain relieving effects.

Short and long-term effects of Acetyl Fentanyl Powder

The long and short-term effects of the drug include relief from pain in the short-term while the negative effects of the drug include medical complications such as vomiting, hallucinations, diarrhea, and nausea. The long-term effects include building up of an addiction and dependency of the drug.

Dosage of Acetyl Fentanyl Powder

The drug is provided in different dosage strengths starting from 5g. It is advised that the advice of the medical practitioner may be sought before taking a dose of the drug as its misuse can cause severe problems. The physician may prescribe the drug considering the medical condition and the age group of the patient.

Overdose of Acetyl Fentanyl Powder

An overdose of Acetyl Fentanyl may result in fatal consequences for the users. The dose of the drug should be administered as per advised and an overdose should be avoided in all cases.

Legal status of Acetyl Fentanyl Powder

Acetyl Fentanyl is one of the highly potent and impactful drugs on the market which can cause severe damage to the patients if misused. A number of cases have been reported where deaths have been caused due to the use of Acetyl Fentanyl medication. In order to mitigate the damages caused by Acetyl Fentanyl powder, it has been listed as Scheduled I or illegal substance in most parts of the world.

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