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JWH-122 is only a manufactured cannabinoid simple of AM-2201. THJ-2201 is referred to fill in as an intense agonist for the fringe CB2 and focal CB1 receptors and the Ki esteems are of 2.6nM and 1.0nM separately. In the event of THJ-2201, the indazole amass fundamentally replaces the whole indole gathering. When you Buy JWH-122 Online from us be rest assure of top quality.

To the extent the examination compound industry is concerned, THJ-2201 is known to fill a hole in the current cannabinoid scene. NM-2201 is just permitted to be utilized as an examination concoction as it were. So you can’t devour it under any conditions, in any case, can purchase the equivalent for legal or substance investigation purposes. Looking for where Buy  JWH-122 online  looks no further than us

JWH-122 is a synthetic cannabimimetic that was discovered by John W. Huffman.It is a methylated analogue of JWH-018.It has a K i of 0.69 nM at CB 1 and 1.2 nM at CB 2.. In January 2015, over 40 people were reportedly sickened after eating a holiday bread called Rosca de reyes purchased at a bakery in Santa Ana, CA that was laced with JWH-122.


Stimulants energize the sensory system and increment physiological capacity.

Portion Oral

Light 50-100mg

Basic 100-200mg

Solid 200mg+

Term Oral Hours

Beginning Oral Minutes

Eventual outcome 2-4 hours

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